We like good coffee. We are also very fussy.

We go to Dukes Coffee Roasters for our coffee beans. These cats are not just bean-roasting wizards, they’re fanatical about ethical sourcing from individual farms or small cooperatives – preferably organic. We’re in good hands.

In the hopper RIGHT NOW: Román Aguilar Organic Espresso. Honduras. Single origin.

Sweet and juicy with notes of spiced plum, marzipan, with a smooth white chocolate finish Bordered by Guatemala and El Salvador, the peaceful and mountainous region of Ocotepeque is home to this carefully grown and harvested washed organic espresso coffee. The farm Cerro Grande is positioned at 1450 masl, on sandy and volcanic terrain. The coffee is handpicked by local men and women, careful to only select the ripe fruits, before being transported to COCAFELOL where the pulping, washing and drying processes take place.
Owner Román Villeda Aguilar began as a small producer of coffee, with his 34 hectare farm also featuring orange, lemon, banana, pine, cedar and sweetgum plants. As a member of the organically certified COCAFELOL coop, Aguilar recycles his coffee waste to be repurposed as organic fertiliser. Aguilar’s primary income and focus is now on the growing of organic coffee, helping lead the way in reducing environmental contamination and water consumption in Honduras.